Remanufactured Engines And Transmissions

We provide complete Rebuild Isuzu Engines and Transmissions

Please contact us with your requirements and our agents will be happy to provide a quote.

If you provide your VIN number we can asist you better to find the right part for your vehicle.

Models Available:

Engines: 4BD1 3.9L, 4BD2 3.9L, 4HE1 4.8L, 4HK1 5.2L, 6HK1 7.8L

Tramission Jactco for engine 4BD2 3.9L 1992- 1997
Transmission Jactco and Aisin for engine 4HE1 4.8L 98-2004
Transmission Aisin for engine 4HK1 5.2L 2005-2007

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